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Maintaining Good Health

An important part of managing your Spina Bifida is maintaining good health. Depending on your needs, this could mean monitoring any number of health related concerns.


Any tween or teen can be bullied. Bullies normally pick on those who are younger than them, have few friends, are different from them, or are easily intimidated. Being bullied is not your fault.

Talking About Your Spina Bifida

You should only share what you are comfortable sharing. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself!

Strategies for Taking Notes

When you are in school classes, you are supposed to take notes for just about everything. Here are some strategies to help make note taking a bit easier:

Physical Fitness

Weight management and being overweight are often challenges for people who have mobility issues like Spina Bifida. The best and safest way to lose weight and improve your health is to eat a balanced diet, reduce the number of calories you eat daily, and participate in some form of physical activity and exercise each day.

Paying Attention

Students with Spina Bifida, like all students, have to work hard to be successful in school.

Improving Organization

Organization means the arrangement of things in a certain order. Being organized means having a place for everything and knowing where that place is. In school work, it means knowing what the work is, getting that work finished, and turning the work in when it is due. It can also mean keeping your work in an organized way or keeping your supplies organized.


Students with Spina Bifida, like all students, have to work hard to be successful in school.

Making Friends

Whether you have Spina Bifida or another disability, you have relationships just like everyone else. Having good social skills will help you have good relationships and will help with:

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