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Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham Defies Gravity

Everyone dreams of going big, and we mean everyone, even if you are in a wheel chair. Just take 18-year-old Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham from Las Vega, Nevada. When Aaron was a kid he used to hang in the skate/BMX park and watch his older brother, Brian, with admiration, wishing he could join in the fun. Then one day his brother told him he should drop in – and Aaron did.

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Tiffany Rivera turns heads when she lowers her welding helmet.

First, they stare at her tiny frame - 4-foot-9.Then they gawk at her welds, expert work for someone so young, her instructors say. What they don't see are Tiffany's daily struggles with the lifelong effects of a rare and often crippling disease: the 32 surgeries, the catheter tucked behind her jeans pocket, the diagnosis that her bowels and bladder will never function properly.

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Fitness, mobility, obesity and more

These days everyone is talking about how obese teens are. Here is some information on obesity, mobility, and more that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the New Year right around the corner, start thinking about ways to improve your health whether you are obese or not.

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